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Opportunity Bank Serbia Social Performance Management (SPM)

What is Social Performance?

Social Performance is effective translation of an organization’s mission into practice in line with adopted social values.

In order to effectively translate its Mission into practice, OBS has set the following four social performance objectives:

  • Outreach to clients from rural areas of Serbia where financial services and scarce (financial inclusion), especially of small agricultural households with mixed agro production
  • Benefits to broader macroeconomic environment - creation of new and sustaining of existing jobs as a result of OBS loans
  • Outreach to low-income clients as well as facilitating and tracking clients’ transformation in terms of increased income and better quality of life as a result of OBS loans

Since beginning of 2014 OBS is measuring its social impact with regard to all its loan clients, in line with the adopted SPM methodology and through its Core Banking System. Regular reports are produced on a monthly basis for the bank’s management team and quarterly for the bank’s Board of Directors, which has also formed an SPM Committee which meets four times a year in order to analyze data and reports, as well as the bank’s progress in SPM and pass relevant decisions and recommendations for the bank's executive management team.

SPM Data

General information on structure and impact of OBS loans as of Dec 2016:

  Dec 2013DEC 2014Dec 2015DEC 2016
ACTIVE PORTFOLIO Women clients (%) 36% 39% 40% 41%
Average loan size (EUR) 2,655 2,232 2,157 2,077
Loans under € 1,000 (%) 21% 26% 24% 22%
Loans € 1000-5000 (%) 61% 59% 61% 66%


Loans made to date (EUR) 219,944,144 271,475,873 330,247,608 397,891,583
Loans made to date (#) 57,913 78,394 100,648 126,797
Jobs created to date 7,765 21,423 24,426 30,710
Jobs sustained to date 65,217 93,954 121,065 151,221

In 2016, 37% of OBS clients who received loans were categorized as clients with incomes lower than average in line with the OBS internal methodology for poverty measurement which has been set in line with the data published by the Serbian Statistics Bureau.

65% of active OBS loan clients had permanent residence in the rural areas at the end of 2016, in line with OBS Mission to serve clients with difficult or no access to financial services. Opportunity bank's biggest focus in terms of target clients are people living in remote rural areas with low income whose access to financial services provided by commercial banks is difficult or even non-existent.