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Retail clients Money Transfers

Money sent from abroad via Western Union can be collected without opening an account in Opportunity Bank. Just few minutes after sending, our clients can access it in OBS Branches in Novi Sad, Belgrade, Subotica, Niš, Kragujevac Čačak and Kruševac.*

To receive funds via Western Union in Opportunity bank is very simple and the payment is very quick.*

Funds are paid in EUR and the fee paid by the sender. ***

Western Union is world leader in electronic money transfer with tradition over 160 years long and is present today at over 424,000 locations in more than 200 countries. Western Union enables people to receive the money from their friends and family in a quick and reliable manner.

Western Union Call Center 011 333 4 999**

*depending on working hours of OBS Branches, time-zones, other service conditions and limitations

**call price is set by telephone operators

***except from service fee, Western Union also earns from conversion of your money into another currency